The Quick Mount PV Executive Team

In the years of accelerated growth since Quick Mount PV's founding in 2006, the company has been fortunate to develop and attract a strong, multidisciplinary management team.

Composed of solar industry veterans, experienced executives from other industries, and professionals skilled in key management disciplines, the executive team works closely with the entire Quick Mount PV staff to strengthen the company's leadership position in a highly competitive, rapidly changing business environment.

Claudia Wentworth

Claudia Wentworth
CEO, Co-founder

As CEO, Claudia Wentworth is responsible for Quick Mount PV's strategic direction. She also serves as the company's lead ambassador to the solar industry and was recently named one of the 'Top 10 Women in Solar Energy' by Claudia had been active in the solar industry since 2000 and in the green building and construction industries for more than 20 years when she co-founded Quick Mount PV in 2006. Claudia has served on numerous industry association boards and is a passionate advocate of consumer and professional education in the solar industry. Claudia co-invented six utility patents on mounting technologies and has additional patents pending.

Stuart Wentworth

Stuart Wentworth

Stuart Wentworth, co-founder of Quick Mount PV, remains engaged with the company, using his deep industry experience to provide advice and guidance in engineering, R&D, and product development. Stuart’s tenure in solar mounting technologies originated in his experience installing hundreds of solar systems from 2000 through 2006. Limitations in the roof mounting products then available inspired him to develop waterproof mounting technologies specifically designed for the solar and roofing industry. In 2006, Stuart co-founded Quick Mount PV to bring products to market based on his innovations. A prolific inventor with multiple patents, Stuart founded Imagineering Plus Plus in 2015 to apply his rooftop expertise to developing innovative applications for the growing rooftop electrical and dish mount arena.

Marshall Green

Marshall Green
Vice President of Strategic Initiatives

Marshall Green joined Quick Mount PV in 2011 with an objective to grow the company’s presence in the burgeoning east coast market. As Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, Marshall plays a vital role in streamlining critical company processes in the areas of engineering, operations, supply chain, product management and IP. Marshall has over 30 years of experience in the construction industry, including managing construction projects in some of the biggest metropolitan areas around the country. Marshall holds a BA from Connecticut College.

Laurel Baudendistel

Laurel Baudendistel
Vice President of Sales

As Vice President of Sales, Laurel Baudendistel leads Quick Mount PV’s sales, training and business development activities. Laurel joined the company in 2014 and most recently held the position of Senior Director of Sales Operations. Prior to her career in solar energy, Laurel worked in the telecommunications industry. At MCI, she held the position of Regional Vice President of Sales, where she increased revenue from $50M to $800M over a 5-year period. Prior to MCI, Laurel was Vice President and General Manager for Comtech Wireless, the fourth largest wireless reseller in the Nation. Laurel holds a BS in Business Administration from the University of Houston.

Charles Marino

Charles Marino
Vice President of Operations

In his role as VP of Operations, Charles leads the manufacturing, facilities, quality control and supply chain divisions. Charles has over twenty years of experience in product development, manufacturing and quality systems. Prior to Quick Mount PV, Charles was VP of Operations and COO at Powis Parker, where he significantly reduced costs while increasing yields and quality levels of products and services. Prior to Powis, he served as VP of Global Operations at RJR Technologies where he was responsible for manufacturing, engineering and product development as well as quality and supply chain. Charles holds a BS in Business Management from the University of Phoenix and an MBA from Saint Mary’s College.

Roger Hensley

Roger Hensley
Director of Facilities

Roger Hensley is the Director of Facilities for Quick Mount PV, where he manages all aspects of the company’s recently acquired 90,000 square foot building, including IT, new production line set up, and facilities maintenance. Roger has held a variety of positions in real estate and facilities management, most recently with Agilent Technologies and Varian, Inc., prior to its acquisition by Agilent. Roger has been instrumental in the execution of key growth and consolidation initiatives and has led efforts to bring new technologies to the facilities he has managed.

Cynthia Johnston

Cynthia Johnston

As Quick Mount PV’s Controller, Cynthia Johnston is responsible for all aspects of purchasing, accounting and financial reporting. Cynthia is integrally involved in supply chain management, financial planning and cash flow management. Prior to Quick Mount PV, Cynthia was the Director of Finance for the solar division of Advanced Energy. In addition, Cynthia served as the controller for a $1B business segment of Varian, Inc. When the company was acquired by Agilent Technologies in 2010, she became the Varian lead for the acquisition transition effort, including the integration of worldwide finance and customer service activities . Prior to joining Varian in 1996, Cynthia was a senior financial analyst for Pacific Gas & Electric.

"When I'm punching dozens of holes to mount a solar array, I need to be certain there are no points of failure. Only Quick Mount gives me that assurance."
Tony Diaz, Century Roof & Solar
"I learned the hard way at a previous employer. Now I trust every job I can to Quick Mount PV. "
Justin McComas, Baker Electric Solar
"With our severe Rocky Mountain winters, only Quick Mount PV delivers the installation speed and absolute confidence we need."
Will Serene, Independent Power Systems
"We all agreed that only Quick Mount PV could give us the confidence we needed in mounting a big job like this."
Andy Tyson, Creative Energies
"Quick Mounts are better quality, more cost effective, and easier to install than any brand we've used."
Darren Malvin, American Solar
"I've been a roofer for 30 years and I know quality when I see it. Quick Mounts are the real deal."
Mark Fambrini, Mark Fambrini Renovations
"Thanks to Quick Mount PV, the alliance between roofing and solar is stronger than ever."
Chip Upshaw, Fidelity Roof
"I've tried a lot of attachment options, but here in the rainy Pacific Northwest, there is only one product I can trust on my customers' homes. Once we started using Quick Mounts we never stopped."
Sarah Freel, Synchro Solar

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