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The Leading Single-Source Solution for Mounting Rooftop Solar

Quick Mount PV was acquired by Esdec in September 2019, joining IronRidge and EcoFasten to become part of the largest rooftop solar mounting and racking hardware group in the U.S. Quick Mount PV becomes “an Esdec company” while continuing to operate as a separate entity with its own team, unique product lines and sales channels.

Quick Mount PV was founded on the principle that the success of a solar installation depends on the rooftop mounting system just as much as on the PV modules themselves. Since 2006, Quick Mount PV has advanced rooftop solar through its innovative, high-quality waterproof roof attachments.

With the addition of the QRail™ Series racking system and Quick Rack™ rail-free mounting system to its product family, Quick Mount PV offers a comprehensive suite of seamlessly integrated systems providing everything needed to install PV modules on any roof type.

With unsurpassed R&D, engineering, product testing and ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturing in California, Quick Mount PV is committed to producing the industry’s most advanced solar mounting and racking systems.

The superiority of company’s mounting products is demonstrated by this fact:
Over ten-plus years more than ten million Quick Mount PV roof attachments have been installed with zero leaks.

The company’s first innovation, the QBlock® Elevated Water Seal Technology®, revolutionized rooftop mounting with its unprecedented waterproofing technology and its simple, labor-saving installation. The patented QBlock technology is at the core of Quick Mount PV’s best-selling line of roof attachment products.

Other innovations include the QBase® technology, a base-and-post mounting system with unrivaled strength to support higher standoff posts for a variety of roof types and conditions.

QHook®, Quick Mount PV’s tile hook technology, eliminates the need for tile penetration and combines superior waterproofing, strength and a high degree of adjustability for fast, simple installation.

Quick Mount PV products are approved by leading roofing manufacturers, meet or exceed roofing best practices, and are 100 percent compliant with the International Building Code. All Quick Mount PV products carry an industry-best 25-year limited product warranty.

"When I'm punching dozens of holes to mount a solar array, I need to be certain there are no points of failure. Only Quick Mount gives me that assurance."
Tony Diaz, Century Roof & Solar
"I learned the hard way at a previous employer. Now I trust every job I can to Quick Mount PV. "
Justin McComas, Baker Electric Solar
"With our severe Rocky Mountain winters, only Quick Mount PV delivers the installation speed and absolute confidence we need."
Will Serene, Independent Power Systems
"We all agreed that only Quick Mount PV could give us the confidence we needed in mounting a big job like this."
Andy Tyson, Creative Energies
"Quick Mounts are better quality, more cost effective, and easier to install than any brand we've used."
Darren Malvin, American Solar
"I've been a roofer for 30 years and I know quality when I see it. Quick Mounts are the real deal."
Mark Fambrini, Mark Fambrini Renovations
"Thanks to Quick Mount PV, the alliance between roofing and solar is stronger than ever."
Chip Upshaw, Fidelity Roof
"I've tried a lot of attachment options, but here in the rainy Pacific Northwest, there is only one product I can trust on my customers' homes. Once we started using Quick Mounts we never stopped."
Sarah Freel, Synchro Solar

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