Available finishes

  • Aluminum mill (A)
  • Bronze anodized (B)

Part numbers

  • QMLSH-3.75 A 0195 (mill)
  • QMLSH-3.75 B 0193 (black)
  • QMLSH-5 A 0177 (mill)
  • QMLSH-5 B 0178 (black)
  • QMLSH-7 A 0113 (mill)
  • QMLSH-7 B 0114 (black)
  • QQMLSH-9 A 0141 (mill)
  • QMLSH-9 B 0142 (black)
  • QMLSH-12 A 0132 (mill)
  • QMLSH-12 B 0134 (black)
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QBase Low Slope Mount
Item Code: QMLSH

Quick Mount PV's QBase Low Slope Mount takes the traditional base-and-post PV mount to its ultimate level. It's the strongest you can buy for mechanically attaching commercial solar systems to TPO, PVC, EPDM, built-up asphalt, and virtually all other non-metal low-slope roofs (aka 'flat roofs') used in commercial roofing.


  • Code compliant for all non-metal low slope roofs
  • QBase is the strongest off-the-shelf mechanical mount
  • All exposed hardware is 18-8 stainless steel
  • 5 post heights offer 3.75", 5", 7", 9" and 12" clearance off the deck
  • Attaches to roof with 2 or 4 fasteners
  • 25-year warranty; 50-year expected life
  • Meets or exceeds roofing industry best practices
  • All fasteners and hardware included
  • Available through leading distributors
  • 100% IBC compliant
  • Works with all leading racks
  • Great for solar hot water
  • Made in USA

How to Flash

Properly flashing penetrations in PVC, TPO and other membrane-type roofing requires the use of manufacturer-specific materials to ensure the flashing bonds chemically with the field membrane (ask your roofing supplier). For built up asphalt roofs (BUR) and other bituminous and modified bitumen roofs, aluminum flashings are available from Quick Mount PV in 4" tall cones (sold separately).

WARNING: Quick Mount PV products are NOT designed for and should NOT be used to anchor fall protection equipment.

Product Resources

Introducing the QBase Low Slope Mount

Installing the QBase Low Slope Mount: Insulated Membrane Roof

Installing the QBase Low Slope Mount: Retrofit on a Built-up Roof

Flashing the QBase Low Slope Mount with Chem Link's E-Curb

Installation Guide (PDF 2.5M)
Flashing Guidelines (PDF 6.75M)
Engineering reports
7 inch (PDF 891K) • 9 inch (PDF 725K) • 12 inch (PDF 976K)
7 inch on steel (PDF 673k)

50 States Code Compliance Certification Letters

Rail Compatability Engineering Reports

CAD drawing
DWG (1.2M) • PDF (121K)

Product Specifications

Each mount kit (12 per box) includes:

  • Cast aluminum QBase
  • Two zinc-coated steel lag bolts, 5/16" x 3"
  • Aluminum post, 1.25" x 3.25", 4.5", 6.5", 8.5" or 11.5"
  • EPDM-bonded stainless steel sealing washer, 5/16" x 1-1/4"
  • Stainless steel machine bolt, 5/16" x 1"
  • Stainless steel fender washer, 5/16" x 1"
  • Stainless steel split lock washer, 5/16"
  • Grade-8 machine bolt, 5/16'' x 3/4''

Flashing size Aluminum flashings (for built-up roof types only) are available from Quick Mount PV in 4" tall cones (sold separately).
Pullout/shear Height Pullout [lbf] Shear [lbf]
Low Slope 7" 3031 803
Low Slope 9" 3031 763
Low Slope 12" 3031 519
Tools needed for installation
  • Tape measure
  • Chalk line
  • Caulking gun
  • Roofing-compatible flashing and related waterproofing materials
  • Drill with 1/4" bit
  • Drill or impact gun with 1/2" deep socket
Applicable roof types TPO, PVC, EPDM; built-up asphalt, bituminous and modified bitumen; virtually all other non-metal low slope roofs
Available finishes
  • Aluminum mill
  • Bronze anodized
Compatible racks
"When I'm punching dozens of holes to mount a solar array, I need to be certain there are no points of failure. Only Quick Mount gives me that assurance."
Tony Diaz, Century Roof & Solar
"I learned the hard way at a previous employer. Now I trust every job I can to Quick Mount PV. "
Justin McComas, Baker Electric Solar
"With our severe Rocky Mountain winters, only Quick Mount PV delivers the installation speed and absolute confidence we need."
Will Serene, Independent Power Systems
"We all agreed that only Quick Mount PV could give us the confidence we needed in mounting a big job like this."
Andy Tyson, Creative Energies
"Quick Mounts are better quality, more cost effective, and easier to install than any brand we've used."
Darren Malvin, American Solar
"I've been a roofer for 30 years and I know quality when I see it. Quick Mounts are the real deal."
Mark Fambrini, Mark Fambrini Renovations
"Thanks to Quick Mount PV, the alliance between roofing and solar is stronger than ever."
Chip Upshaw, Fidelity Roof
"I've tried a lot of attachment options, but here in the rainy Pacific Northwest, there is only one product I can trust on my customers' homes. Once we started using Quick Mounts we never stopped."
Sarah Freel, Synchro Solar

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