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Quick Mount PV offers these accessories and tools to help you do the job:

Accessory Frame Bracket
Item Code: QMAFBU
Part Number: 0399

  • The Accessory Frame Bracket offers fast, on the ground installation for mounting module level electronics directly to the module frame, saving you time and money. The Accessory Frame Bracket is extremely versatile and works with Quick Mount PV's Quick Rack rail-free mounting system, as well as rail-based racking systems, ballasted and ground-mounted systems. See how quickly it installs here.
  • Provides a grounded connection between the module level electronics and the module frame.
  • UL 2703 listed for SolarEdge Power Optimizer Models: P300, P320, P400, P405, P600, P700.
  • Accessory Frame Bracket UL 2703 Recognized Component CDR
  • Universal bracket, for use with all module frames.
  • Available finish: mill
  • Download installation instructions.
  • Watch the Accessory Frame Bracket Installation video.
  • Watch the Accessory Frame Bracket - Install Module Level Electronics in 10 Seconds video
  • Product Patent Information

Universal Tile Flashing & Post
Item Code: QMTR-UTF4.5
Part Number: 0379

  • The Universal Tile Flashing is an 18x18-inch malleable aluminum flashing that can be installed over any tile shape. It can be used with the QMTR-BM Base Mount to flash unique tile shapes and awkward mounting positions.
  • 18x18-inch malleable seamless cone aluminum flashing
  • 4.5in post & post-to-rack and hex-head serrated flange cap screw hardware included
  • Fits over any tile shape
  • For use in the case of unique tile shapes or awkward mounting positions
  • Install with the QMTR-BM Base Mount for tile roofs
  • Available finish: mill
  • Download installation instructions.

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