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Patented Rail-Free Mounting System

The No-Compromise Rail-Free Mounting System

Quick Rack is a simple, cost-effective and elegant rail-free solar mounting system. Featuring QRack® technology, the patented system is an integrated roof mount and racking system, engineered to be robust and structurally sound.

Installation as Easy as...


Part One

Ships in a few small boxes reducing material costs and simplifying shipping and handling.


Part Two

No rails means mounts-to-modules instead of mounts-to-rails-to-modules, making installation fast and simple.


Part Three

Works with standard modules. Simply drop in the modules, tighten down the clamps, and you're done.

Features & Benefits

  • Works with standard module frames - providing greater flexibility
  • Engineered to be structurally robust & simple, with minimal leveling
  • Easy to handle and transport - ships in small boxes
  • Cost savings with integrated grounding, requiring less copper and grounding hardware
  • Superior waterproofing with Quick Mount PV’s patented
    Elevated Water Seal Technology®
  • Elegant, sleek design means more referrals from
    happy homeowners
  • Quick Rack comes with easy-to-use design software


  • 2015 International Building Code
  • UL STD 2703
  • 2016 California Building Code
  • UL System Fire Class Rating A, Type 1 & 2 Modules
  • ASCE 7-10

Quick Mount Designer

Design tool from Quick Mount PV

Quick Rack comes with easy-to-use design software.

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Training Opportunities

Johan Quick Rack

Quick Rack: Design & Installation

In-person technical trainings & hands-on demos. Training availability varies, check our upcoming training listings. NABCEP CE credits available.

Johan Quick Rack

Introduction to Quick Rack

Free, monthly Quick Rack webinar. NABCEP CE credits available.


Product Resources


Certifications & Approval Letters


Quick Rack Accessory Videos

Other Resources

Technical Documents

  • Data Sheet
  • Approved Modules
  • Span Tables
  • Quick Rack V1.1 CAD Blocks
  • Code Compliance Manual
  • 50 States Code Compliance Certification Letters



Quick Rack: See How It Works

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Quick Mount Designer Overview

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Quick Rack Components

Part One

Base Mount
Featuring Quick Mount PV's patented
Elevated Water Seal Technology®

Part Two

Panel Clamp
Available in two sizes (2" & 8") for both mid- and end-clamping that works with standard module frames

Part Three

Snaps right into place for an elegant,
streamlined finish


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