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Solar Roofing Best Practices

Our primary educational mission is to facilitate the adoption of roofing best practices in the solar industry. We provide the following courses in a variety of formats, including webinars, classroom instruction, and hands-on trainings. Courses are given in both one-hour and two-hour formats, and sometimes combined into a half-day session. All Quick Mount PV classes are eligible for NABCEP Continuing Education Credits (one CEC per hour of training).

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We continually update these popular courses with the latest technologies, codes and information. The content can be tailored as needed to fit the nature of the audience, event, and time available.

This core curriculum is also available as on-demand recorded webinars and PDF downloads.

Solar Roofing Best Practices - Composition/Asphalt Shingle Roofs
Make sure you are following code, not voiding the roof warranty, and reducing your installer liability on composition shingle roofs. The class addresses proper mounting and flashing methods including Quick Mount PV’s Classic Comp Mount, E-Mount, and QBase Comp Mount.

Solar Roofing Best Practices - Tile Roofs
Learn the keys to successfully installing solar on tile roofs, follow important roofing best practices to maintain roof warranties, protect the roof, and reduce installer liability. We will review the best options for mounting PV on both flat and curved tile roofs, including our Tile Replacement Mount, Quick Hook, and QBase Universal Tile Mount.

Solar Roofing Best Practices - Low Slope Roofs
Covers methods of attaching PV arrays to low slope roofs (aka flat roofs) such as ballasting, and reviews important roofing code information on how to maintain roof warranties. Presents the benefits of using fully attached mounting systems such as Quick Mount PV's QBase Low Slope Mount.

Solar Roofing Best Practices - Shake, Slate, & Metal Shingle Roofs
Learn how to work with the unique characteristics of shake, slate, and metal shingle roofs to install solar using roofing best practices and ensure that you maintain roof warranties, protect the roof, and reduce installer liability. Some installers avoid these roofs fearing the challenges of the unknown. This means less competition on these quality, durable roof types for the installer with the right products and the know-how to install them. We will review our Classic Shake Mount and QBase Metal, Shake & Slate Mount.

Quick Rack: Design & Installtion

This technical training is designed for solar installers preparing for the installation of Quick Mount PV's new rail-free mounting system, Quick Rack, on composition/asphalt shingle roofs. The training will help installers increase installation speed and efficiency as well as review solar roofing best practices to reduce liability on the roof. See our Training & Events calendar for all upcoming trainings.

Partner Hands-on Training

In partnership with colleagues that provide complementary solar equipment and services, we conduct one- and two-day trainings in our new state-of-the-art rooftop solar installation facility in Walnut Creek, California. These trainings include both classroom instruction and hands-on practice. See our Training & Events calendar for all upcoming trainings.

Roofing Codes for Solar - The latest code requirements for solar installations

As rooftop solar installations become more common, building departments, leasing companies, and installers alike are seeking a better understanding of the code requirements for installing and waterproofing photovoltaic systems on the roof. It is imperative that both roofing code and electrical code requirements are clearly understood by the installer, third-party system owner and the inspectors and permitting authorities to insure solar systems produce power safely for the 20-30 year life of the array. We review building code requirements for waterproofing solar penetrations, and the key roles played by roofing manufacturers, the National Roofing Contractors Association, Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association, and the Tile Roofing Institution in defining code-compliant installation of solar arrays on residential and commercial roofs. We will also investigate the growing topics of UL2703, roof setbacks for fire code, and fire rating of PV systems.

This 1 hour training is presented by Jeff Spies, Senior Director, Business Development. You can download a PDF of this presentation after filling out a short form. Check the schedule for the 1-hour webinar of Roofing Codes for Solar here.

Successful Solar Business

While the solar industry has grown rapidly over the past 5 years, succeeding in this competitive field has become challenging, especially for those who enter unprepared. We offer the “Successful Solar Business” training program to help contractors and solar installers learn the fundamentals of solar business success, review business strategies that have helped many contractors succeed, and identify and avoid the traps that can threaten new solar businesses and jobs. Topics include solar industry overview, technologies and products, training and certification, system design and installation, financing, incentives, payback calculations, cost/profitability, best industry resources, and insights into the secrets of solar success.

This 2-8 hour training is presented by Jeff Spies, Senior Director, Business Development. You can download a PDF of this presentation after filling out a short form. Check the schedule for the 2-hour webinar of Successful Solar Business here.

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Will Serene, Independent Power Systems
"We all agreed that only Quick Mount PV could give us the confidence we needed in mounting a big job like this."
Andy Tyson, Creative Energies
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Darren Malvin, American Solar
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Mark Fambrini, Mark Fambrini Renovations
"Thanks to Quick Mount PV, the alliance between roofing and solar is stronger than ever."
Chip Upshaw, Fidelity Roof
"I've tried a lot of attachment options, but here in the rainy Pacific Northwest, there is only one product I can trust on my customers' homes. Once we started using Quick Mounts we never stopped."
Sarah Freel, Synchro Solar

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